Wholesale fabrics


Cobby’s is a wholesale in fabrics which buys and sells all stocklots of fabrics. In stock we have also cotton gabardines, greycloth, denim fabrics, linings and coatings. 

Buying and selling fabrics such as:

  • Fabrics for garments
  • Fabrics for curtains
  • Fabrics for furniture
  • Fabrics for linings
  • Fabrics for theater, decoration, fairstands, carnival,…

On stock we have following fabrics:

  • Cotton gabardines, canvas, drill in colors and grey
  • Greycloth in many different sizes
  • Denim fabrics from 4,5 OZ up to 14,5 OZ
  • Linings and coatings
  • Kilo fabrics (for furniture, curtains and for garments)
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