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Cobby’s is wholesale in diverse products. We buy and sell stocklots of fabrics and are a wholesaler for chemical products, blasting products and chlorine products for swimming pools.

All stocklots buying and selling

Import and export of diverse stocklots, clearings and liquidations of: all consumer articles, household articles, garments, fabrics & toys.

Verkoop stocklots

Wholesale fabrics

Buying and selling of all stocklots of fabrics. In stock we have also cotton gabardines, greycloth, denim fabrics, linings and coatings. 

groothandel stoffen

Industrial products Cooreman

Cobby’s Industrial products Cooreman is a wholesale in chemical products, blasting products and food additives for the industry.

Industrial products cooreman


We are a wholesale of chlorine tablets (Belgachloor), chlorine granules (Belgachoc), PH- and PH+ for builders of swimming pools, swimming pool shops and do-it-yourself shops.