Chlorine tablets Belgachloor


Wholesales in Chlorine products

We are a wholesale of chlorine tablets (Belgachloor), chlorine granules (Belgachoc), PH- and PH+ for builders of swimming poolsswimming pool shops and do-it-yourself shops.

Chlorine Tablets

We sell Chlorine tablets from the brand Belgachloor which is provided with all certificates. On top our tablets last longer then most other brands.

Chloortabletten Belgachloor

Chlorine Granules

Belgachoc chlorine granules prevents impurities in the swimming pool water. Our product is PH neutral and is dissolving quickly in your pool.

Chloorgranulaat Belgachoc

PH min Granules

We sell as well PH minus granules to decrease the PH value of your swimming pool.

PH min

PH plus Granules

We sell as well PH plus granules to increase the PH value of your swimming pool.

PH plus